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Music Composer Portfolio

 Welcome to the official Music Composer Portfolio of Cody Martin (C.K. Martin). Rooted in modern classical and cinematic music, Cody Martin’s signature compositions & soundscapes redefine the possibilities of film scores from a fresh new perspective, conjures inspirational music, and scores to film that will help tell a story that people will continue to remember. Here you can stay up to date on his latest developments and find examples of his musical work and accomplishments.



  Cody Martin is a passionate and committed composing professional, with the talent and drive to succeed. Thriving amongst the vibrant and diverse film & music communities in Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta & Orlando, Cody strives to achieve excellence and prides himself in every production he becomes a part of.

 Cody has created an incredibly large catalog of music on major micro licensing platforms such as Soundstripe &, maintaining an astounding reputation as one of Soundstripe's best composers for cinematic & soundtrack compositions. 

He has also received two nominations in 2022 for "Best Musical Score & Best Soundtrack" for his work in the theatrical film "Peace River". He has composed music & made placements for thousands of independent projects, including major industrial companies such as Land Rover, and Ford Motors. His music has surpassed a million license agreements in the sync & micro licensing community, and he has created works and placements for dozens of short films and multiple television, advertisement, gaming & streaming entertainment studios. Trusted by companies such as Netflix, Hulu, A&E, PBS, ESPN, Fox Sports, Showtime, Amazon Prime, Epic Games, Unreal Engine 5, Faithworks Pictures and many others, continuing to reach and impact millions of people.

 Explore his music portfolio and feel free to get in touch with any inquiries or questions.


Here you will find a collection of hand-picked favorites from clientele & creatives in the entertainment industry.


"Music begins when the possibilities of language end."

Jean Sibelius



These rates and fees are suited for composition/project lengths up to 6 minutes. These rates are also meant to give a general indication on what is required to create the quality of the product that is desired from any clientele.

If you want to make an inquiry regarding music for full feature length productions, advertisements, distribution, television, or application/game development, message or email directly for details to narrow down specific costs or requirements..

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Contract for an original score perfectly suited for your project. This contract gives the composer the ability to license the compositions non-exclusively for other consumers to use after the contract for production has expired. The company, however, would have the right to use that composition in perpetuity with no extra charge. This non-exclusive contract falls in-between $1500 - $3000 per composition.

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Have a unique composition created specifically for your project. Own the exclusive rights to the music over a certain stretch of time, and pay a renewal fee after that increment of time has expired. Once the renewal period expires, exclusive ownership falls back to the composer. Renewal fees are $400/six months or $750/yr.

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 You will own exclusive rights to original high quality music created for your project. This would cover all services including the arrangement, recording sessions, composition, mixing, mastering, and editing services. Stems, formats, stingers or any other tools involving the finished product would be included. If any changes need to be made after the product is done, a free final edit/revision will be made to the project.

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To inquire about a specific composition service or to learn more about Cody Martin, his experience, and his professional music development, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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